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Now that we are slowly getting back into in-person meetings and presentations, those who had presented remotely during COVD will soon be speaking to live audiences.   Here’s the question that every speaker must answer right after their presentation:  Was my presentation effective and did I achieve my goals?

 As a twenty five year professional keynote speaker, here are a few secrets the professionals use to answer this question.


It is often said that the day you stop wanting to get better is the day you stop being good.  But how do you get better as a speaker?  Simple answer:  audience feedback.   But how do you get meaningful audience feedback.  Again, a simple answer:  ask them.

In today’s fast-paced world of global enterprise, audiences, if asked to provide a presentation critique will more likely comply if you can provide an easy- to-complete digital critique form.  Several apps do just that and can save you time.  I’ve use “Survey Monkey” and get most helpful audience feedback.

What information should be included in your critique?

Here is a list of the minimum items every speaker should ask their audiences post-presentation.  I suggest you use a sliding scale from 1(least effective) to 5 (most effective) addressing the following points:

  • ROOM SET UP: Lights at the right intensity?   Screen and presentation materials easily visible to all?  Did the room acoustics and speaker’s voice carry in an easy-to-hear professional manner?
  • THE SPEAKER: Professional appearance?   Knowledge of the subject?  Ability to answer questions?  Audience participation?  Stayed on point?  Finished on or ahead of schedule?  Professional style of delivery? Useful Handouts?

Another important part of the critique is centered on what the audience thought of the presentation.  This information is best obtained by asking several open-ended questions  at the end of the  critique form.

Here is a list of the minimum questions you should ask.  Have sufficient digital space for respondents to write at least three sentences.   

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