Navy Flying Ace
Former TOPGUN Instructor
"Cdr. Driscoll is an inspiration to all those who serve our Nation in the Armed Forces".
George H.W. Bush
41st President of the United States

Peak Business Performance During COVID-19

How to Achieve Extraordinary Results Under the Most Difficult Circumstances

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How to Achieve Peak Perfomance Under Pressure

Navy Ace and former TOPGUN instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how his own life-or-death aerial dogfights – and the preparation for them - can help guide high-risk corporate decisions. Bill’s 170 combat missions, 5,200 jet dogfights and interviews with 500 senior executives and 26 Ace fighter pilots, as well as strategies from his own highly successful career in commercial real estate reinforce the consistent patterns underlying exceptional performance under pressure.

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He’s a gold mine for TOPGUN”.

— Richard Gallagher, Commanding Officer

“Combat flying is very interesting; but the way you incorporated the pressure and skills required with everyday business challenges was absolutely superb.”

— Fred Stanger, Retail Refining and Marketing

Peak Business Performance Under Pressure

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Bill's first book: “Peak Business Performance Under Pressure” describes how to achieve extraordinary results under the most difficult circumstances. He draws on his own military experiences and those of the 26 other ace fighter pilots he interviewed as well interviews with more than 500 highly successful senior level executives from major companies across the Country.

Foreward by Senator John McCain:

“All pilots know well the only rule in a dogfight: there are no rules. In "Peak Business Performance Under Pressure" Bill allows readers a look inside the cockpit during his combat dogfights and offers a revealing set of guidelines for professional and personal success from one of the country’s finest fighter aces”
-John McCain, US Senator

Willy Driscoll with former Vice-President Mike Pence


           Bill Driscoll with the former Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence holding a signed copy of “Peak Business Performance Under Pressure”.

Speaking Programs

Bill’s in depth interviews with 26 Ace fighter pilots and more than 500 CEOs and senior level executives provide the backdrop for his truly one-of-a-kind programs.


For the past 24 years, Bill has spoken approximately 30 times a year to some of the largest corporations in the country.

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Navy Ace and former TOPGUN Instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how his own life-or-death aerial dogfights – and the preparation for them – can help guide high risk corporate decisions.