To Give a Great Speech: Start Here

Bill Driscoll giving a speech

As a professional speaker for the past thirty-two years, here’s the biggest mistake I see inexperienced speakers make when preparing their speeches. They create a presentation that may be full of facts, figures and support information.  But they never asked the audience in advance what they – the audience – would find interesting.   Then they […]

Three Secrets of Great Zoom Presentations

Bill Driscoll Zoom

Most of us have recently participated in Zoom Meetings. How was the audio or video? Not good in most cases. Here’s how professional speakers use our experiences at the podium to get great Zoom audio and video…

Speaker: The Last Job

Bill Driscoll Speaking

You just hosted a Zoom presentation. Congratulations. You did it. But you still have one more important detail to complete. Then the job is done. Here are a few tips professional speakers use to complete that last job…

Speaker: Professional Appearance

Microphone on stage

What did you think of the appearance of today’s Zoom speakers? Quite a contrast from looking sharp to totally unacceptable. Here are a few tips professional speakers use and may wish to consider to look your best in front of any audience…