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Bill Driscoll Zoom
Three Secrets of Great Zoom Presentations

Most of us have recently participated in Zoom Meetings. How was the audio or video? Not good in most cases. Here’s how professional speakers use our experiences at the podium to get great Zoom audio and video…

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Bill Driscoll Speaking
Speaker: The Last Job

You just hosted a Zoom presentation. Congratulations. You did it. But you still have one more important detail to complete. Then the job is done. Here are a few tips professional speakers use to complete that last job…

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“This was unquestionably one of the most powerful programs on team building and leadership we have ever experienced, which only someone with your unique life-experiences could present”.

— Bob Willard, President & CEO Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

“This was the fourth time I’ve heard you speak. Great job! You hit it out of the park for us”.

— Kevin Danehy, Executive Chairman Brookfield Global relocation Services
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