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During these Covid-19 times, Bill’s Peak Performance Under Pressure presentation will have your people riveted to his uplifting message right from the start.  Here’s what he’ll do:
  • Teach you the Ace Fighter Pilot’s 5 step formula for performing at you best during those times when nothing but your best will do;
  • Share the three key questions every top team leader must ask when selecting the best teams;
  • Show you how to lead your teams most effectively at those times of greatest pressure on everyone.

The Benefits of Booking Bill

Here’s what you will get from Bill’s presentations:
  • Easy-to-implement guidelines for managing the unpredictable tension, anxiety and stress in today’s Covid-19 world.
  • Four keys to making the best decisions at the most difficult, pressure-packed times
  • Three secrets to getting more done in less time.
  • How to establish and maintain a great work-life balance.


Mr. Bill Driscoll
President & CEO
153 S Sierra Ave, #1111 Solana Beach, CA 92075

Phone and Fax:
(w): 858-755-7990
(c): 858-922-6158
(fax): 858-755-6274


Mr. Bill Driscoll
President & CEO

P.O. Box 268 West
Hyannisport, MA 02672

Phone and Fax:
(w): 508-771-2872
(c): 858-922-6158
(fax): 508-771-2872

“I want to thank you for the remarkable “Peak Performance Under Pressure’ presentation with more than 1,700 of our staff members. You provided us with invaluable teambuilding and leadership guidance which only someone of your unique life experiences could present”

“Thanks to your extensive research on our company, your spot-on recommendations boosted our confidence and created great excitement for us to meet our tough new challenges head-on”.​

For further information, contact Bill at:
C: 858-922-6158

With a new set of tough pressures caused by Covid 19, Bill will provide easy-to-implement guidelines for dealing with today’s unusual tension, anxiety and stress.