Client Testimonials

Attendees were riveted to Bill’s one-of-a kind lessons of Peak Performance!

"Your attention to detail and customization of your message made your talk especially impactful."

— Richard Hartnack, Vice Chairman, Union Bank of California

“Thanks to your Peak Pressure Performance talk, our people left with a renewed commitment to excellence and a tremendous enthusiasm for our goals. You left a vivid impression on all of us”.

— William Jackson, Vice President, Sales Center, Nationwide Insurance

“Combat flying is very interesting; but the way you incorporated the pressure and skills required with everyday business challenges was absolutely superb.”

— Fred Stanger, Retail Refining and Marketing

"Your presentation has inspired us with a renewed sense of confidence in achieving our goals at those most difficult, pressure-packed times. Terrific speech."

— Rich Ramko, Partner, Ernst & Young

“Many thanks for the excellent job you did speaking to our players before our game against USC. We are certain your contribution deserves some of the credit for our win. The players have elected to give you a game ball”.

— Lou Holtz, Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame

“You present unforgettable reminders of the importance of preparation, of how to deal with high stress, and how honor and integrity must remain hallmarks of performance. Thank you for everything you do”.

— Kevin Danehy, Executive Vice President, CB Richard Ellis, NY
US Food Service

“You had us riveted from start to finish. This is the third time I've heard you speak in the past two years. And it was even better this third time”.

— Jon A. Jezierski, President U.S. Foodservice, Los Angeles

“Your Presentation exceeded our expectations. Comments to me from our senior management were, ‘Right on the money’ and ‘Bill hit the key points and kept everyone in the room, all 300 of them, interested and involved’".

— Richard J. Roth, Corporate Business Development Manager, UPS

“You gave us some powerful yet easy-to-implement guidelines for achieving our goals despite our difficult challenges”.

— Joel Marcus, Chairman/CEO, Alexandria Real Estate Equities

"Your attention to detail and customization of your message made your talk especially impactful."

— Susan Cruz, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

“Your ability to bring some of our professionals into the examples of working under pressure was great and the timely use of humor and audience participation was very well executed.”

— Sol Raso, Executive Managing Director

“Your first-hand account of the critical lessons of real-world air combat provided and invaluable contribution to the warfighting readiness of our young warriors.”.

— Captain Kevin McLaughlin, Deputy Commodore, Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic

“Bill, my partners and I have the opportunity to see and hear many terrific, world class speakers. We commented after your presentation that we have never had anyone have such a dynamic and positive impact on our people as you did”.

— John Hagestad, Managing Director, Sares-Regis Group

“As a result of your presentation, the operating room performance and teamwork of our surgeons has reached its highest level ever. Great job”.

— David Docweiller, MD, Operating Room Medical Director, Scripps Memorial Hospital

“I can speak for the entire team, both officer and enlisted, when I say that you had the house on the edge of their seats. These lessons provided us with an outstanding frame of mind to start this year’s show season”.

— Rob Ffield, Commanding Officer, The Blue Angels

“I want to thank you again for the incredible presentation you gave to over 1,000 of our Sybase people last week. Our attendees believed this was one of the most beneficial set of experiences and lessons of life that they have ever been exposed to in their careers”.

— David Peterschmidt,   Executive Vice President & CEO, Sybase Computers

“I am confident that the secrets of ace fighter pilots you so articulately and humorously described will have a dramatically positive impact on our ability to achieve our very ambitious goals. Thank you again for delivering your high powered message”.

— Richard Waggoner, President, Specialty Products, Nationwide

“The only thing I would do differently the next time is get you a bigger room. We had standing-room-only and the cadets loved your easy-to-understand message”.

— Joseph Sanders, Commandant of Cadets, United States Air Force Academy

“We hope you continue speaking to the youth of our country. In today's complex world, they very much need to hear your keys to living a more balanced, happy and productive life. Great work!”

— Paul Honeycutt, Scoutmaster Troop 616

"Our senior leadership team has heard many fine speakers. However we've never had a speaker have such a profoundly positive impact on us. We left your presentation re-energized, pumped up and really excited to get back to work".

— R.C. Thompson, President / CEO

"It felt like you were talking to me. And you had us on the edge of our seats with these gripping air combat Lessons learned. We also love the way you so skillfully involved the audience in this remarkable, one-of-a-kind presentation."

— Adam Dinges, Chief Operating Officer

"I was really not fully prepared for the level to which you connected with all one hundred members of Ravenswood Solutions, and how perfectly spot-on were the multiple, valuable messages you gave."

— Don Donoghue, President / CEO

"We've never had a speaker provide so many practical, battle-tested solutions to our most pressing challenges".

— David Wallace, Director of Sales
CB Commercial

"As I checked the audience, during the event, I noticed that not only did you have our professionals rapt attention but all of the employees in the restaurant were mesmerized by your presentation. New Yorkers are generally a tough crowd but you connected with all of us that night".

Bruce R. Baschuk, Senior Executive V.P. CB Commercial, Eastern Region

“Only Someone with your remarkable combat resume could provide such valuable guidance for developing that winning warrior ethos. Awesome work.”.

— Captain Mark 'Fish' Stockfish, Commandar Training Air Wing Six, U.S. Navy

Bill's Partial Client List

  • Alexandria Real Estate (4 times)
  • Chevron
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Harvard Business School Club of SD
  • Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)
  • Lockheed Martin
  • TOPGUN (128)
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Nationwide Insurance (3 times)
  • Northrup Grumman (2 times)
  • Ohio Assn. of Trial Lawyers
  • Sara Lee Foods
  • Stockbridge
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Schneider Electric
  • Southern California Edison (3 times)
  • Texas Life Insurance
  • Union Bank
  • US Foodservice (4 times)
  • Boy Scouts of America (3 times)
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

For further information, contact Bill at:
C: 858-922-6158

Navy Ace and former TOPGUN Instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how his own life-or-death aerial dogfights – and the preparation for them – can help guide high risk corporate decisions.