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Would you Like to Learn How to Achieve Extraordinary Results Under the Most Difficult Circumstances?

Bill’s keynote presentations provide you with the secrets of how ace fighter pilots dealt with the relentless tension, anxiety and stress of daily air combat missions and the need to win, no matter what.
Bill will show you in this thoroughly researched, interactive presentation, sprinkled with humor, how you can apply these easy-to-learn lessons to your life, when nothing short of peak performance under pressure will do.
You’ll also learn the aces’ secrets of how to live a more balanced, productive, happy and stress-free life.

Here’s what Navy Ace and former TOPGUN Instructor Bill Driscoll will share:

The three easy-to-master secrets of how the great aces lead.

How to create your own fail-safe daily Action Plan.

Three essential questions the most effective team-leaders must answer.

How to get more done in less time with great results.

The keys to staying calm, cool and in control at work.

How to develop and maintain laser-beam focus, no matter what.

Driscoll Lecturing

Peak Business Performance Under Pressure (60 Minute Keynote) You'll get easy-to-implement answers to the following:

Is the ever increasing tension, anxiety and stress of workplace requirements, commitments and deadlines beating you down?

Are your days filled with ever tougher demands with less time and resources for completion?

Are you wondering if you’ll ever regain some semblance of a normal life with time for family and for yourself?

Driscoll and Mattis

“Peak Business Performance Under Pressure” (One Half Day Seminar)

In today’s ever more challenging global economy, performing well at work is harder and more stressful than ever. Your competition is good . . . . you and your team must be better to succeed.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this inter- active, three hour workshop tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

Bill will dig deeper into those critical issues raised in his 60 minute keynote. All attendees will also be provided with his new “Peak Business Performance Under Pressure” workbook.


“I noticed an immediate jump in enthusiasm for those cornerstone values of teamwork and leadership you so brilliantly described. I also expect your focus on performance and accountability to have an immediate positive impact on our people”.

Doug Horras, Senior Vice President of Operations, Sara Lee Foods
Georgia Oilmen's Association

“Your humorous yet gripping lessons of ace fighter pilots left us all really pumped-up. As a result, we expect our people to approach their many diverse challenges with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm. This is the fourth time I’ve heard you speak. It gets better each time”.

Fred Jurosky, VP of Sales, US Foodservice, Los Angeles

For further information, contact Bill at:
C: 858-922-6158

Navy Ace and former TOPGUN instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how his own life-or-death aerial dogfights – and the preparation for them - can help guide high-risk corporate decisions.

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